Community Involvement

Glad to be Part of Your Community

We know there’s no better way to show “Genuine Care That Never Quits” to our community than by giving back. We are committed and called to serve our communities. It is part of our Go-Giver company value. Our ‘A’ team is always looking for ways we can give support to local events and initiatives, including sports teams/organizations, community events, and philanthropic initiatives.  Throughout the year, our team members help our communities prevent injuries and live healthier lives through various community events, educational in-services, and free assessments. 

Sponsorship & Donation Requests

As part of our mission, we make an impact in our community through investing in local charitable organizations. We gravitate toward programs we believe can make a real difference. Our main focus for contributions includes organizations whose mission is to support the health and wellness of our community with an emphasis on regaining and maintaining the highest level of function possible for every individual.  Please understand we receive numerous requests for charitable support throughout the year and not all organizations may be able to receive support.

We use the following guidelines to evaluate sponsorship and charitable giving proposals:

  • We will consider requests if sent at least 8 weeks in advance of the desired commitment deadline.
  • For any donation aside from physical or occupational therapy assistance, organizations are limited to one request per calendar year (or school year, where applicable).
  • Organizations must be based in Arkansas where Elevation has a clinic based or the event must be hosted in one of those communities. Organizations where Elevation Therapy Services or Elevation Outpatient Therapy operate are given top priority.
  • Organizations must qualify as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and must submit Tax ID number and W-9 form. If your organization does not qualify as a nonprofit.
  • Organizations should be able to provide evidence that the request is in response to a valid need.
  • The following organizations, activities or programs are not eligible for sponsorship or a charitable contribution:
  • Individuals
  • Political causes, candidates, legislative lobbying, or advocacy groups
  • Endowments or memorials
  • Construction or capital campaign projects
  • Sponsorship/Donations submitted by a third party on behalf of an organization

At this time, Elevation is not reviewing sponsorship applications. Applications may be submitted, but will not be evaluated or responded to until a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your interest!